Continuing Medical Education Information

Continuing Education

The PHS, Inc. program has a responsibility for developing the potential of its employees to produce highly skilled and productive workers. PHS, Inc. will emphasize and reinforce continuous improvement of the employee by in-service training, continuous education programs, workshops, incentive awards, and effective promotion policies. PHS, Inc. provides reimbursement for Continuing Medical Education (CME) based on an individual’s position.

The following amounts are allocated and effective during our calendar year which is January 1 – December 31 of each year.

Continuing Medical Education

Job TitleAnnual Allocation/EmployeeTime Allotment in Hours
All Physicians$120040 hours
Physician's Assistant/FNP's$100040 hours
Dentists$120040 hours
Dental Hygienists$60024 hours
Pharmacists$60024 hours
Pharmacy Techs$2508 hours
Lab Director/Med Tech$25024 hours
Registered Nurses$25024 hours
PT, OT, and LCSW$25024 hours
Licensed Recreational Therapist$25024 hours
Nutritionists, RD's Only$25024 hours
CFO and Finance Director$25024 hours
$25024 hours
All Directors Not Listed$25024 hours

Eligible Expenses

To assist employees in this area, PHS, Inc. offers reimbursement for dollars spent to further education within an employee’s related scope of work. Continuing education dollars will be used to enhance current work skills and must have prior supervisory approval. Reimbursement for continued education can be used the following ways:

  • Primary Care Board Certification and Re-Certification and travel associated with taking Board examinations (internal medicine, pediatrics, family practice, obstetrics/gynecology, and midlevel boards) and other primary care professional board-related expenses.
  • Membership fees for primary care and public health-related professional societies and organizations.
  • Conference and seminar registration and travel expenses associated with the seminar.
  • Books, periodicals, videos and other reference materials/supplies related to the individual’s professional development.
  • Course registrations and travel expenses associated with the course. Prior to receiving reimbursement for the courses, the employee must show proof of successful completion of the course. (This includes classes taken at a college/university.)
  • Monies CANNOT be used for hardware or office equipment purchases.

CME Scheduling

CME hours are to be used for travel away from your regularly scheduled work day. CME time allotment functions like PTO and allows you to complete your CME without having to take PTO.

FTE Basing

Please note that whatever your FTE rate is as of January 1 of the calendar year that is the FTE rate applied through the entire year when calculating CME.

Prorated for Continuing Education

All Continuing education allocations are prorated in your first year of hire according to your start date and FTE rate. Continuing education allocation is only available to employee’s that work 24 or more hours per week.

The following is an example of the FTE/CME hours based on an allocation of $250.00

FTECME HoursAllocation
24 (.60/FTE) 24 $150.00
30 (.75FTE) 30 $187.50
32 (.80 FTE)32$200.00
34 (.85 FTE)34$212.50
36 (.90 FTE)36$225.00
38 (.95 FTE)38$237.50
40 (1.00 FTE)40$250.00

Reimbursement for Continuing Education Monies

Continuing education allocation and reimbursement is based on the calendar year (January 1 – December 31) according to check date and will not be carried over into the following year. To make a reimbursement request please follow these procedures listed below.

Complete a Check Request Form

  • Attach evidence of payment (registration receipt, copy of a cancelled check or credit card bill with item highlighted).
  • Send both items to the CFO, Corporate Office (signature of a supervisor or manager is not required).

A check for the proper amount will be distributed to the employee’s address on record within thirty (30) days of request approval.

Online Forms

Check Request Form

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