Family Medical Leave Act


The Family and Medical Leave Policy of Piedmont Health is in full compliance with the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 and provides up to twelve weeks of unpaid leave of absence within any twelve month period you when you have been employed by PHS, Inc. for at least twelve months, not necessarily consecutive, and have worked at least 1,250 hours within the previous twelve-month period. This leave is available to eligible employees under the following circumstances:

  • The birth of a child within the first twelve months of the birth

As an eligible employee, you may elect to use the unpaid twelve-week FMLA Leave or the six-week Maternity Leave but may not use both. If both parents are employees of PHS, Inc., their aggregate leave may not exceed twelve weeks for the birth or adoption of a child.

  • The placement of a child for adoption or other legal placement within the first twelve months of the adoption or placement
  • A serious health condition which makes the employee unable to perform the essential function of his/her job
  • The need to care for a dependent, spouse, or parent who has a serious medical condition

A thirty-day notice and medical certification must be provided when requesting FMLA leave for foreseeable events. In the case of emergencies, Human Resources will work with the employee and his/her supervisor/manager to ensure proper certification for FMLA leave status. During the leave, employees are required to notify their supervisor/manage at least monthly, more frequently if requested, of the status of the leave. Employees on leave under FMLA provisions must first use all Paid Time Off, Catastrophic Sick Bank, or any other available Paid Time Off. When this time is exhausted, the remaining FMLA time is unpaid. Entitlement to FMLA coverage may not be invoked retroactively for previous absences from work.

Intermittent or reduced schedule leave may be taken when a serious health condition, either yours or that of a child, spouse, or parent, makes this schedule medically necessary. These conditions are outlined specifically in the Act. (Birth or placement of a child does not qualify for intermittent or reduced leave.)

Because of the requirement to work a minimum of 1,250 hours in a twelve-month period to become eligible for FMLA, when an employee has used the twelve-week leave, s/he must work 1,250 hours within the next twelve-month period to become eligible for FMLA a second time.

Employees are guaranteed the right to return to their former or an equivalent position with the same rights, benefits, pay, and other terms and conditions of employment if the leave is no longer than the 12 weeks required by law. Benefits established on an accrual basis and other service-time events such as performance and/or salary review will not accrue during unpaid FMLA leave. Benefits that accrued prior to the leave, however, will not be lost.

Maternity Leave

For employees not covered by the provisions of FMLA (fewer than twelve months employment or fewer than 1,250 hours worked in the previous 12 months), Piedmont Health provides reasonable maternity leave following the birth of a child. Human Resources, in collaboration with the employee’s a supervisor/manager, and you, the employee, shall determine the period of maternity leave based on the nature of work performed and advice received from your attending physician. This leave is not to exceed six weeks for all female employees with no limitation of employment prior to the event.

You are guaranteed the right to return to your former or an equivalent position with the same rights, benefits, pay, and other terms and conditions of employment if the leave is no longer than the 6 weeks required by law

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