You are eligible for LTD coverage on the first of the month after 365 days (1 Year) of benefit eligible service.

Definition of disability

Disabled means that you as an employee are either partially or totally unable to perform your main duties.

Elimination period

There is an elimination period consisting of 90 consecutive days of disability due to an injury or illness.

Monthly benefit amount

The Long Term Disability ( LTD ) Plan provides payment of 60 percent of your monthly income up to a maximum of $5,000 per month.

Cost of benefit

There is no cost to you for LTD coverage at this time. However, if you have group medical and/or dental insurance deductions made through payroll on a pre-tax basis, you are responsible for your own premium payments while on long-term disability leave.

Age at DisabilityMaximum Benefit Period
Less than age 60To age 65, but not less than 5 years
6060 months
6148 months
6242 months
6336 months
6430 months
6524 months
6621 months
6718 months
6815 months
69 and over12 months

Note: This is a convenient brief summary. Always check your booklet certificate. The contract is the official source of information.

Checking on the status of my disability claim

You now have around-the-clock access to updated claim information online. Unum’s new website for claimants is accessible from our homepage.
Learn more now on the Unum website about how the new claim status website makes it easier for you to track the status of a disability claim.


To qualify for LTD, you will need to obtain the appropriate forms. These forms include a certification from your doctor showing that you are disabled. Your can contact Human Resources for your forms or download your forms by clicking on the following link:

UNUM Telephonic Claims Submission – FMLA-STD-LTD
Summary of LTD/STD Benefits Certification Document

Unum Request of Change Form
Revised Medical Release

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