The purpose of this procedure is to explain the guidelines for business travel and travel reimbursement.


Travel by Piedmont Health Services, Inc. (PHS) employee/Board when transacting official business for the Organization is permissible at the discretion of the Board, Chief Executive Officer(CEO), or their designee.

It is the policy of PHS to provide adequate reimbursement to cover the cost of essential transportation, as well as the costs of necessary related goods and services (described herein) incurred while traveling.

All official travel by a PHS employee is under the authority of the CEO. All official travel by the PHS Board is under the authority and approval of the Board of Directors.

Out-of-Area travel (defined herein) must be approved in advance by the employee’s supervisor, then by either the CEO or the Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Local travel (defined herein) must be approved by the Supervisor, then by the CFO.

Unauthorized travel will not be reimbursed.

Fraudulent requests for travel reimbursement subjects the employee to disciplinary action.

Note: The full travel policy is available below.

Completing Forms:

When submitting check request and travel reimbursements to finance please make sure the following information is completed on the forms…

Check request:
The employee that we are reimbursing, receipts for the purchase and both the employee’s signature and their supervisor’s signature. If anything is missing we will send this back to the employee which will delay them from being reimbursed. If you are on PTO or not able to sign please designate someone in your department to sign this form in your absence.

Travel Reimbursements:
Local: Please make sure that you or your employee state the purpose for your travel on the reimbursement form. We have been questioned by auditors why this was reimbursed without a purpose listed in the past. If you are getting reimbursed for meals please attach the receipts to the travel form. Please use the mileage grid to calculate your mileage between PHS locations. If your reimbursement is not a PHS location that is listed on the mileage grid please do a mapquest, google map etc. to verify your miles. This will be the backup for the mileage we are reimbursing for. Do not include any other reimbursements on the travel form that is what the check request is for.

Travel Reimbursements:Overnight:
Sherrie Green (Finance Administrative Assistant) will give you or your staff an out of area travel form with instructions for what you need to include with that form when it is turned in to her. Please make sure that you and your staff follow all of the instructions that are given. All receipts including boarding passes for your flight if you are flying should be turned in. Please also attach a mapquest, google map etc. for mileage reimbursement. If any of this information is missing, the form will be sent back and will delay payment.

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